Sunday, March 23, 2008

3rd Annual April Fools Skate Jam

Here they come again! Bigger, better, and faster than Ever!

Central Coast Mothers Favorites Announces their 3rd Annual April Fools Skate Jam.

Turri Road will be one of the fastest runs, with one killer corner, coming off one of the most mountainous start ramps this side of Pluto, called Thunderdome.

On Sat. April 5th, They are shutting down Turri Road and setting up an incredible skateboard event that will blow you away! Ten of the top 20 US skateboard racers will race on a John O'Shei set, mile long GS course. The course is long, the starting ramp is huge and watch-out for that 1st big corner ... lets just say it'll be a favorite location for spectators. Confirmed racers include the worlds #1 Men and worlds #1 Women Racer.

After the pros run we're running a shorter course for the Masters, Open and Kids. Any experienced skater is welcome to skate. It'll be a great opportunity to learn and get advice from some of the worlds fastest skateboard racers. 

This is one event that should not be missed folks. It'll be filled with chills, thrills, a few spills, and a guaranteed fun for all.

Check-out our web page, (, for more information.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Skate Softly and carry a Big Stick

About six months ago, after seeing some stand-up paddle surfers here in Morro Bay, I thought about making myself a paddle for my longboard skateboard. Thinking about it was as far as I got.

A couple of weeks ago the crew at Kahuna Creations sent me one of their boards and a "Big Stick" to try out. As soon as I got it out of the box, I headed down to a sweet new bike path that runs along the harbor in Morro Bay, to give it a go.

I have to say I really enjoyed "paddling" along the bike path. The rubber tip on the business end of the paddle offers a nice grip/pushoff, it's also less jarring than I thought it would be. It was also a great upper body workout, especially on the slight uphill section.

Of course, I got a few weird looks from the surfers driving along the road next to the path, but hey after you've skateboarded across America three times, you get used to weird looks. While I was "paddling" on asphalt, a woman walking along the path pointed out a "stand-up paddle" surfer making his way through the bay.

The craftsmanship of the "Big Stick" is excellent, wood core/fiberglass wrap with a nice little handle at the top for added leverage.

For more info and a 10% discount on a Big Stick click here and use discount code "oldskateguy".

Here's short clip of my first paddle.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Uncle Chucky

I first met Chuck Barfoot in the late 1970's when he was still working with Tom Sims. From our very first meeting, I knew Chucky was the real deal, a no BS kind of guy. Chuck always took real good care of Paul Dunn, Gary Fluitt and myself when we were riding for Sims, he even gave us some of his "secret sauce" bearing lube before one of the Capitola races.

Chuck has been around the surf, skate and snowboard industries for a long time now and has never really received the credit he deserves, so it was nice to see this piece in the Santa Barbara and enjoy.

Also visit the Barfoot site.